Custom Tailoring

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"

– Leonardo da Vinci, Italian painter

We offer world class tailoring services. We tailor all types of men’s garments – Custom Shirts, Trousers, Chinos, Jeans, Suits, Bandhgalas, Jawahar Jackets, Sherwanis, Kurtas, Churidar, Salwar etc. Learn about our garment finishing below.


With fusibles imported from the heart of Germany & Japan our collars last long

Options Galore

Over 30 collar styles, 6 cuffs, 7 placket options and 40 buttons

We Care

Our Japanese fusible has one of the lowest levels of formaldehyde as per European Standards

Compare the collar of our shirt after 10 washes with any luxury brand

Our collar will retain its shape better.

Arrow Stitch

Our shirts come with an arrow stitch – a quintessential Fabric Lounge trademark

19 Stitches

We use 19 stitches per inch for a high quality finish

Accurate Construction

Our collars are prepared using laser cut acrylic patterns for shape consistency

Single Pleat Sleeves

We tailor all our shirts with single pleat sleeves, resulting in a sleek fit at forearms

400 Washed Collars

We experimented with over 400 washed collars to finalise our collar interlining. You get a beautiful collar that is both voluminous and soft

Wear Your Own Brand

Make your shirt truly yours with a personalized monogram in 4 styles & 18 colour options

Slow & Steady

Our button hole machine is run at its slowest possible speed – Our objective is perfection

Industrial Grade Fusing

Our heavy duty Japanese fusing machine ensures that the interlining of your garment will never separate.

Arrow Stitch

We offer an arrow stitch on all our shirts – a quintessential Fabric Lounge trademark.

Button Placement

The gap between any two buttons on an FL shirt will not exceed 3 1/4th inch. Such is the thought we put behind your shirt.


We simply picked a shirting fabric and attached it to our custom trousers

AutoFit Trousers

We have mastered the art of super comfortable AutoFit trousers with an invisible elastic

Attention To Detail

Our trousers have a fused fly front and fused side pockets for a superior finish

A Stiffer Belt

Your formal trouser will not fold at the beltline

No Compromises

We use the best quality YKK zippers and BEST branded hooks.

Washed Denims

Super Denim X wash lends a softer hand feel and a worn in look

A super comfortable joggers style elastic waist band with a button belt and a string sewn on the inside.